On-line Books by Carl Burch

Programming via PHP

Written for people with no previous programming experience, who want to learn the basics of Web programming with PHP and MySQL. This was developed during Fall 2007.

Programming via Java

Written as a CS1 textbook, using Java and the acm.graphics library. If you're familiar with Advanced Placement tests, this book basically covers the AP Computer Science A curriculum. This was started in Fall 2007 and should be completed in Fall 2008.

Data & Procedure

A data structures textbook, which at our college is second-semester computer science. It is a bit more mathematically advanced than what would be found at most colleges. Those familiar with the AP Computer Science AB curriculum will see that it follows the B portion of the curriculum fairly closely.

Introduction to parallel & distributed algorithms

This was written as a unit for an introductory algorithms course. It's material that often doesn't appear in textbooks for such courses, which is a pity because distributed algorithms is an important topic in today's world.