CSci 115: Computing and the Internet
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Assignment 6: Forum search

Due at:9:40am, Thu 8 Nov
Point value:30 pts
Groupwork:You may work with one other student if you wish.

Create a form allowing the user to search the forums for messages with particular text. The form should include a drop-down box allowing the user to select whether the author name, the subject, or the body of each message should be searched, and it should include a blank where the user can enter a regular expression. (The user won't type the slashes ('/') on either side of the regular expression.)

Upon clicking the submission button, the PHP should display all messages for which the indicated field matches the given regular expression.

Note that if the user selects Author, the PHP should search the posters' real names, not the posters' login IDs. For example, if the user searches for a.*r, the PHP should respond with all posts written by either Miss Marple or Nancy Drew.

You may find the posts.php file useful as a starting point for the PHP response.