Phys/CSci 135: Robotics exploration studio
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Final project

Due: 2:00pm, Monday, December 14. Value: 400 pts.

The final section of this course is a design project. You will work in groups of two to design, build, and program a unique robot. The robot should be able to accomplish some complex task. The robot should be functional and also creative and pleasing to the eye. A brainstorming session will be held in class to help pick appropriate projects.



Project Proposal, due Wednesday, November 18 at 8:10am

[40 pts] Includes a project description, sketches, and description of functional requirements and behaviors for the project. You should submit this as a team.

Build Phase, due Monday, December 7 at 10:00am

[120 pts] You will have five class periods to build and program the robot. You should be prepared to work on your programs outside of class time as necessary. You may make appointments with the instructor to have access to the lab outside of class time for the purpose of building your robot or testing your programs.

The build phase will be evaluated for whether the robot achieves the goals set forth in the proposal, how well-built the robot and its program are for achieving those goals, and how ambitious (but realistic) the project was in the first place.

Final Report, due Monday, December 14 at 2:00pm

[120 pts] Each team will submit a final project report, which should include the following in one coherent, typed paper:

  • Photographs of the robot
  • A detailed description of the mechanical design of the robot
  • A printout of the control program with a detailed description of its features
  • Discussion of the major challenges encountered while designing and building the robot and the approaches used to meet those challenges.
  • Any calculations and measurements used in the design
Oral Presentation on Monday, December 14, 2:00pm–4:00pm

[120 pts] During the finals period for the course, each team will give a oral presentation of 10–15 minutes. The presentation should include a demonstration of the robot's capabilities, and it might also potentially discuss your design decisions and any interesting difficulties encountered. You are required to attend the other teams' presentations.

The presentation will be evaluated based on the quality of detail provided about the design process as revealed through the presentation, evidence that the team has thoroughly prepared for the presentation itself, and attention to engaging the audience in understanding what the project entailed.