CSci 150: Foundations of computer science
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For students who want more study resources, here are a few links to freely available additional resources that look decent.

Please feel free to ask me questions if you want to know more about anything! I'd be happy to work through any exercises with you.

Hour of Code
A group of three very basic interactive tutorials, intended for people just getting started with programming.
Computer Science Circles
A series of several interactive tutorials. (By the way, Hydra is very loosely based on this site).
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
A widely known textbook, which has been adapted to be interactive.
Udacity’s Intro to Computer Science
A series of videos and problems. (They want you to pay to enroll, but there is a “Start free courseware” option.) Note: This covers Python 2, not Python 3. The biggest differences are in how print and the division operator work.
Python Tutorial
This is the official Python tutorial. It is not interactive, but discusses a broader range of Python than any of the other links provided here.
An interactive set of exercises
Python library reference
Not the sort of thing you'd read, but experienced Python programmers find this indispensable.