CSci 151: Foundations of computer science II
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Project description

In the final month of the semester, you will design and implement a project of your own. This is a free-form assignment that we will negotiate as you continue through it. Basically, if you have been thinking that there are some particular programs that you think would be interesting, this is your chance to complete one of them — and get credit for it.

There are two technical restrictions, neither very restrictive, for your project concept.

The biggest hurdle in selecting a project is bound to be one of determining the appropriate scope. One guideline in this is the point value assigned: While most assignments are worth 30 points each, this project is worth 150, five times as much. You are likely to be tempted to be overambitious, striving to implement something that can't be done within a semester. On the other hand, if you overcorrect for this tendency, you will end up with something too simple to merit the name of project. Ensuring that your project is appropriately difficult will be my primary concern as we discuss your plans.

The project has four major checkpoints for monitoring progress.

Your grade will be based on the following criteria: