Breadboarding rules

  1. Unplug the breadboard when rearranging the wires.

  2. If you detect a burning smell, feel heat, see smoke, or hear a popping sound, immediately unplug the breadboard. If the IC chips are connected wrongly, they can burn, destroying the IC chip, the breadboard, and the surrounding equipment, as well as causing injuries. Be careful.

  3. Orient components properly. For IC chips, the notch should always face up/north (or left/west, if in horizontal orientation). Misoriented chips tend to be disconnected and burn.

  4. Handle the IC chips gently: Their legs are fragile.

    • To insert an IC, push gently straight down. If the IC chip doesn't seem to fit, shape the legs slightly with your fingers and then insert it.

    • To remove an IC, lift straight up. If you pry the chip up (lifting one edge, then another), you'll bend the legs. The supplied picks are useful for lifting ICs and wires off the breadboard without bending them.

    • Store unused ICs in a tube so that the legs don't bend in storage.

Breadboard style