Project design

Due: 5pm, Wednesday, April 23. Submit an ASCII file by e-mail to the instructor.

B Team W Team
Coordinator: Connor Bell Mark Woodard
Browser-Side Leader: Megan Yociss Angela Gloyna
Interface Designer: Bryan Urban Connor Anderson
Browser-Side Developer: Buzurg Arjmandi
Hunter Lewis
Fina Sutarto
Server-Side Leader: Justin John Andrei Ndindabahizi
Database Administrator: Rebecca Perez Julie Britton
Server-Side Developer: Merlin Plumbley Luke Lasley

We start with our project by designing it. This is broken into three major pieces, leading to three major documents.

AJAX specification (coordinator, browser-side leader, server-side leader)
This should define each request that might be made by the front end. See Assignment 4 for an example of what this might include: the URL for the request, the request method (GET or POST), the parameters provided with the request, the conditions under which the request might legitimately fail, what is done in response to the request, and what is sent in the JSON response.
Browser interface (interface designer, browser-side developer, browser-side leader)
This should describe the primary interface to be presented to the user via HTML, with some indication of how a typical user will interact to access the major functionality of the Web app. It would be appropriate to build a preliminary prototype using HTML. This will not be complete; but it should describe the overall page layout, how the user can navigate between portions of the page, and the elements of any forms that the user might need to complete.
Database design (database administrator, server-side developer, server-side leader)
This should describe the tables that will appear in the database, including the table names, the list of columns, and the types and constraints associated with each column.

Above, I've vaguely associated team roles with each document, suggesting where primary responsibility for the document might lie. That said, the full team bears responsibility for each document.

Please submit your full design document, written as a single ASCII text file, in a single e-mail to the instructor. You may include additional documents (particularly for the front-end interface, where you may want to attach an HTML mockup).

Functional specifications

We will develop a repair assignments database intended for an organization that maintains a large number of buildings (such as Hendrix's Facilities Management department). The system should include the following elements: