Evaluation results

  1. On average, how many hours did you spend each cycle on the following activities? Do not include scheduled class time (in the classroom or in the laboratory).
    and tests

  2. Please rate the following aspects of the course in the usefulness to your learning course material. Use a scale from 1 (not useful) to 5 (very useful).
    laboratory assignments4.76
    on-line session notes4.65
    classroom lectures3.97
    in-class exercises4.22
    review questions4.46
    quizzes and tests4.00

  3. How much do you agree with the following statements? Rate each on a scale from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree).
    We went through course material too quickly.2.46
    Going over more program examples in class would have helped. 3.59
    Too much time in class was spent on in-class exercises. 1.84
    Too much time in class was spent on quizzes and tests. 2.53
    I felt welcome to ask questions during class. 4.08
    I felt welcome to visit the instructor's office to ask questions. 4.08
    Following a textbook closely would have helped me understand better. 3.00
    The laboratory assignments should be less specific about how to accomplish the problems.2.06
    More laboratories should be a collection of several small programs (e.g., Labs 0, 3, and 10).3.24
    Laboratory programs should not be so large to be designed across multiple laboratory sessions (as were Breakout, Drawer, and Mine Camp).2.22
    The laboratory programs emphasized games too much. 1.59
    The instructor and TAs should be more proactive in providing help (i.e., not waiting for questions). 2.97

  4. Which lab, if any, did you feel was least useful in furthering your understanding of course material? (16 students did not feel any were worth checking. Three voted for more than one.)
    Lab 0: Variables and loops4
    Lab 2: Breakout I4.7
    Lab 3: Objects and arrays0.3
    Lab 4: Breakout II0.7
    Lab 5: Very Small Video5.3
    Lab 6: Breakout III0.2
    Lab 7: Drawer I0.2
    Lab 8: Mine Camp I2.5
    Lab 9: Drawer II0.2
    Lab 10: Recursion2