Session notes

By the afternoon before each class session, I will post my notes here for those who wish to review the material beforehand.

The notes cross-reference relevant sections of King's textbook Java Programming: From the Beginning when appropriate.

Tue 15 Jan Introduction
Thu 17 Jan Expressions and loops
Mon 21 Jan Logic and methods
Wed 23 Jan Class variables and if statementsQuiz 0
Fri 25 Jan Booleans and breaks
Tue 29 Jan Using objects
Thu 31 Jan Defining objectsQuiz 1
Mon 4 Feb Practice with objects
Wed 6 Feb Strings
Fri 8 Feb ArraysQuiz 2
Tue 12 Feb Fraction class example
Thu 14 Feb Array examples
Mon 18 Feb Midterm 0
Wed 20 Feb Primitive and object types
Fri 22 Feb More about loops
Tue 5 Mar ExceptionsQuiz 3
Thu 7 Mar More on exceptions
Mon 11 Mar Inheritance
Wed 13 Mar More on inheritanceQuiz 4
Fri 15 Mar The ArrayList class
Tue 19 Mar Objects review
Thu 21 Mar Graphical user interfaces (GUIs)Quiz 5
Mon 25 Mar Composing GUIs
Wed 27 Mar Inner classes
Wed 3 Apr Midterm 1 (Multidimensional arrays)
Fri 5 Apr Testing and debugging
Tue 9 Apr Computational complexity
Thu 11 Apr Abstract classesQuiz 6
Mon 15 Apr Recursion
Wed 17 Apr Recursion, cont'd
Fri 19 Apr MultiplyingQuiz 7
Tue 23 Apr Files
Thu 25 Apr Bits and pieces
Mon 29 Apr Binary filesQuiz 8
Wed 1 May Text files
Fri 3 May Large-scale software development
Thu 9 MayFinal