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Expatriate Essay

Due: 10:00am, Thursday, October 29. Value: 150 points.

Select one of the following prompts, and write an essay response of one to two pages (double-spaced).

  1. Having been at Hendrix College for several weeks, how might you be an expatriate? How has your identity changed (or how might it change) in the face of this new environment? Describe the experiences you have had which qualify you to be an expatriate. You've changed, and you wonder, too much or not enough? (81)

  2. Did Davies help create or enhance his expatriate status by choosing to act or not act certain ways in certain situations? How would his status change if he had acted differently?

Your paper should contain the following:

Grading rubric

30 pts Focus: Paper deals with one topic or idea, and thesis is clear and controls subsequent paragraphs.
30 pts Organization: Ideas follow in a clear, logical order. Paragraphs are coherent, and the paper makes good use of transitions
30 pts Development: Statements are supported through the correct number of examples, vivid details, and/or facts. Examples/evidence provided is strong.
20 pts Engagement: The opening paragraph captures the reader's interest and indicates the author's purpose in writing; body is consistently reaching out to the reader; and the conclusion sufficiently wraps up information, leaving the reader with something to think about.
40 pts Mechanics: The paper avoids errors such as sentence fragments, run-on sentences, subject-verb disagreement, inconsistent verb tense, comma problems, apostrophe misuse, bad punctuation for quotations, and spelling errors.
150 pts Total point value of assignment