LbSt 101: Explorations
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Due: 10:00am, Thursday, November 12 or 19. Value: 150 points.

The hours log and completion form are due at the beginning of class on the day your presentation is scheduled.

Grading rubric

10 pts Proposal: The proposal (binder 29) is completed in a satisfactory manner.
10 pts Hours Log: The hours log (binder 30) is completed in a satisfactory manner.
30 pts Work: The work was completed satisfactorily in accordance with the proposal. It meets the minimum 4-hour requirement. Any written work submitted as part of the project (like a full Odyssey proposal or a reflection paper) is written well.
30 pts Completion Form Content: The completion paragraph is a single, typed paragraph of at most 150 words. It should answer all questions (binder 31) as completely as possible while adhering to the 150-word limit, and it should follow the guidelines of Appendix E from the Odyssey Program Guide.
20 pts Completion Form Mechanics: The paper avoids errors such as sentence fragments, run-on sentences, subject-verb disagreement, inconsistent verb tense, comma problems, apostrophe misuse, bad punctuation for quotations, and spelling errors.
20 pts Presentation Content: The presentation is 3.5 to 5 minutes long, addressing all questions (binder 31) as completely as possible within that restriction. The presentation is easy to follow, with an identifiable structure. The presenter is clearly not thinking of what to say ``off the cuff.''
20 pts Presentation Delivery: The speech is paced appropriately at an appropriate volume for the audience to hear. Words are articulated well, and there are few distracting mannerisms such as pacing and hesitations.
10 pts Presentation Engagement: The introduction establishes early interest, and the conclusion effectively closes the presentation. The overall air of the presenter is one of trying to communicate with the audience, and good eye contact with the whole audience is maintained throughout.
150 pts Total point value of assignment