The Edit menu

Undo XX

Undoes the most recently completed action affecting how the circuit would be saved in a file. Note that this does not include changes to the circuit state (as with manipulations performed by the Poke Tool).


Removes the currently selected components from the circuit onto Logisim's clipboard.

Note: Logisim's clipboard is maintained separately from the clipboard for the overall system; as a result, cut/copy/paste will not work across different applications, even including other running copies of Logisim. If, however, you have multiple projects open under the same Logisim process, then you should be able to cut/copy/paste between them.


Copies the currently selected components in the circuit onto Logisim's clipboard. (See the note under the Cut menu item.)


Pastes the components on Logisim's clipboard into the current selection. (See the note under the Cut menu item.)

When you paste components, they will not immediately be dropped; instead, they will be drawn in light gray. They will not actually be ``dropped'' into the circuit until you either move the selection or change the selection so that the components are no longer in it.

The reason for this odd behavior is this: To be consistent with its other behavior, Logisim must immediately merge any wires as soon as they are dropped into a circuit; this merging process changes existing wires in the circuit. When you paste wires from the clipboard, however, you may to place them in a different location, and the changing inherent in the merging process would be against your wishes.


Removes all components in the current selection from the circuit, without modifying the clipboard.


Creates a copy of all components in the current selection. This is like selecting Copy, then Paste, except that Duplicate doesn't modify or use the clipboard.

Select All

Selects all components in the current circuit.

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