The Project menu

Add Circuit...

Adds a new circuit into the current project. Logisim will insist that you name the new circuit. The name must not match any existing circuits in the project.

Load Library

Loads a library into the project. You can load three types of libraries, as explained elsewhere in the User's Guide.

Unload Libraries...

Unloads current libraries from the circuit. Logisim will not permit you to unload any libraries currently being used, including libraries containing components appearing in any project circuits, as well as those with tools that appear in the toolbar or that are mapped to the mouse.

Analyze Circuit

Computes a truth table and Boolean expressions corresponding to the current circuit, displaying them in the Combinational Analysis window. The analysis process will only be valid for combinational circuits. A full description of the analysis process is described in the Combinational Analysis section.

Rename Circuit...

Renames the currently displayed circuit.

Move Circuit Up

Moves the currently displayed circuit one step up the list of circuits within the project, as displayed in the explorer pane.

Move Circuit Down

Moves the currently displayed circuit one step down the list of circuits within the project, as displayed in the explorer pane.

Set As Main Circuit

Sets the currently displayed circuit to be the project's ``main circuit.'' (This menu item will be grayed out if the current circuit is already the project's main circuit.) The only significance of the main circuit is that it is the circuit that first appears when a project file is opened.

Remove Circuit

Removes the currently displayed circuit from the project. Logisim will prevent you from removing circuits that are used as subcircuits, and it will prevent you from removing the final circuit in a project.

Show Project Toolbar

When checked, this menu item indicates that a small toolbar should be displayed above the explorer pane, allowing the user easy access to adding, renaming, reordering, and removing circuits from a project.


Opens the Project Options window.

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