The Experimental tab

These preferences enable features that are considered experimental, inserted to garner user feedback.

  • Graphics Acceleration: Several Logisim users have reported that Logisim seems quite slow at rendering graphics. One user observed that adding -Dsun.java2d.d3d=True to the command line seemed to address this completely. You can attempt to control this using a drop-down box. I haven't myself observed speed problems in Logisim, so I can't evaluate its effectiveness; I'm relying on user reports about whether this helps. Note that it certainly won't have any effect until Logisim is restarted.

  • Stretch Wires: When components are moved horizontally or vertically, Logisim attempts to insert wires to preserve connections. It would be nice if future versions of Logisim had something like this as the default, but the computation needs to be much more sophisticated.

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