Menu Tool

Library: Base
Introduced: 2.0 Beta 1


The menu tool permits the user to pull up a pop-up menu for components that already exist. By default, right-clicking or control-clicking a component will bring up this pop-up menu; however, the Mouse tab of the project options allows a user to configure the mouse buttons to work differently.

The pop-up menu for most components has two items.

  • Delete: Removes the component from the circuit.
  • Show Attributes: Places the component's attributes into the window's attribute table, so that the attribute values can be viewed and changed.

For some components, however, the menu has additional items. Subcircuits (that is, instances of using one circuit as a "black box" within another) are one example of this: In addition to the above two items, the pop-up menu includes another item.

  • View XXX: Changes the circuit layout being viewed and edited to be the subcircuit's layout instead. The values seen in the layout will be part of the same hierarchy as those of the supercircuit. (See the `Debugging subcircuits' section of the User's Guide.)

Other components may extend the pop-up menu also. In the built-in libraries of the current version of Logisim, the only such components are RAM and ROM.



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