Command-line options

You can configure many of Logisim's application preferences via command line options. This can be particularly useful in a laboratory of single-student computers where you want Logisim to start up the same for students every time, regardless of how previous students may have configured the program.

The overall command-line syntax is as follows.

java -jar jarFileName [options] [filenames]

The optional additional files named on the command line will be opened as separate windows within Logisim.

The following example starts Logisim in its basic configuration.

java -jar jarFileName -plain -gates shaped -locale en

Supported options include the following.

-template templateFile

Configures the template for Logisim to use.

-gates [shaped|rectangular]

Configures which type of gate to use.

-locale localeIdentifier

Configures which translation to use. As of this writing, the supported locales include:

-accents [yes|no]

This is only relevant for languages that use characters outside the 7-bit ASCII character set; this would include languages using accented characters, and it would not include English. If no, characters outside the 7-bit ASCII character set are replaced with equivalents appropriate to the language; this would be useful for Java/OS combinations where such characters are not supported well.


Clear all application preferences at startup, so Logisim will act as if it were being executed on the host system for the first time.


Hides the initial Logisim splash screen.


Displays a summary of the command line options.


Displays the Logisim version number.

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