Beginner's tutorial

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Welcome to Logisim!

Logisim allows you to design and simulate digital circuits. It is intended as an educational tool, to help you learn how circuits work.

To practice using Logisim, let's build a XOR circuit - that is, a circuit that takes two inputs (which we'll call x and y) and outputs 0 if the inputs are the same and 1 if they are different. The following truth table illustrates.

We might design such a circuit on paper.
But just because it's on paper doesn't mean it's right. To verify our work, we'll draw it in Logisim and test it. As an added bonus, we'll get a circuit that's looks nicer than what you probably would draw by hand.

Step 0: Orienting yourself
Step 1: Adding gates
Step 2: Adding wires
Step 3: Adding text
Step 4: Testing your circuit

Enjoy your circuit-building!

Next: Step 0: Orienting yourself