Library: Wiring
Introduced: 2.7.0


Emits a single value onto a wire. For a power element, indicated by a triangle, this value will be one (or, if the Data Bits attribute is more than 1, an all-ones value). For a ground element, indicated by an arrow of three shortening parallel lines, this value will be zero (or, if the Data Bits attribute is more than 1, an all-zero value).

The same functionality can be achieved using the more versatile Constant component. The only reason to prefer ground and power is that they are standard electronic symbols.


There is only one pin, an output whose bit width matches the Data Bits attribute. The component constantly outputs the same value on this pin: for a ground component, the output is an all-zero value, and for a power component, the output is an all-one value.


When the component is selected or being added, Alt-0 through Alt-9 alter its Data Bits attribute and the arrow keys alter its Facing attribute.

The direction in which the arrow will point from the location of its pin.
Data Bits
The bit width of the value placed onto the wire.

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