Library: Input/Output
Introduced: 2.1.3


Displays the value of its input by coloring the LED (as specified by its Color attribute) or not depending on whether the input is 1 or 0.

(The LED component is basically redundant with an output pin, except for a somewhat different appearance. Some users, though, thought it would be nice to include.)


A LED has only one pin, a 1-bit input which is used to determine whether to display the LED colored (when the input is 1) or darkened (when the input is anything else).


When the component is selected or being added, the arrow keys alter its Facing attribute.

The location of the input pin relative to the component.
The color to display when the input value is 1.
Active On High?
If yes, then the LED is colored when the input is 1. If no, it is colored when the input is 0.
The text within the label associated with the component.
Label Location
The location of the label relative to the component.
Label Font
The font with which to render the label.
Label Color
The color with which to draw the label.

Poke Tool Behavior


Text Tool Behavior

Allows the label associated with the component to be edited.

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