Pull Resistor

Library: Wiring
Introduced: 2.5.0 (in Base library, moved to Wiring in 2.7.0)


When connected to a point, this component has an effect only when the value at that point is the floating value (Z). In this case, the resistor pulls the wire to which it is connected toward the value indicated in its Pull Direction attribute.

If it is connected to a multiple-bit value, then each bit in the value that is floating is pulled in the direction specified, while the bits that are not floating are left unchanged.


The resistor has just one pin, which is an output and has a bit width that is derived from whichever component it is connected.


When the component is selected or being added, the arrow keys alter its Facing attribute.

The direction in which the component's pin lies from component's center.
Pull Direction
Specifies the value to which a floating value should be pulled. This could be 0, 1, or the error value.

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