Select Tool

Library: Base
Introduced: 2.0 Beta 1


Allows individual components to be placed into the current selection. There are a number of actions possible with this tool.

After selecting the desired items in the selection, you can of course cut/copy/paste/delete all the items via the Edit menu.

Logisim's behavior when pasting the clipboard into a circuit is somewhat peculiar: It will not immediately place the components into the circuit; instead, the selection will be a collection of "ghosts," which will be dropped into the circuit as soon as they are either dragged to another location or removed from the selection. (This peculiar behavior is necessary because pasting will otherwise merge the wires of the selection into the current circuit at once, and the wires there previously will be dragged with the pasted clipboard if the user wants to move the pasted components somewhere else.)


None. Selecting a component, though, will display its attributes. With multiple components selected, attributes shared by all are shown, blank if they have different values and otherwise with the value they all have in common. (Wires are ignored if there are any non-wires in the selection.) Changes to the attribute value affect all selected components.

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